Below are several websites and apps that I have had a relative amount of success with. None of these will make you rich, but most of them offer relatively simple work for decently nice rewards. I’ve found that with using several of these sites versus focusing on just one, I have more options of the “jobs” that will work for me and my schedule and aren’t so time consuming. Browse through them and decide which ones will work for you. I have listed them in the order of my personal favorites.

Ebates: This is probably my highest recommended site. I absolutely love it. I signed up mid-2012 and have already gotten over $300 back. It’s pretty simple. You just go through their site each time you shop and you get a certain percentage back based on what store you use. The site links you to various popular stores including Walmart, Kohls, Target, etc. Honestly, if you shop online, I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it. Right now, they are offering a $10 gift card for signing up and making your first $25+ purchase.

Viggle: Viggle is actually an application for Smart phones, tablets, etc. I just recently started using this site and love it. You get Viggle Points for checking into whatever you are watching on TV plus you can make bonus points for checking into specific shows, watching ads, playing trivia games, etc. Every time I change channels on my TV, I also pick up my phone and check in. It’s really that simple. The points translate into rewards like Lowes, and JCPenny gift cards plus many other rewards to choose from. It’s not something that will make a lot of money but for a relatively small amount of work, it’s worth the effort to get a few rewards here and there.

MyPoints: This site has the same concept as Ebates. It’s an online shopping site as well. This site also offers other ways to make “points” which translate into rewards. The “points” can be made by shopping, taking surveys, completing various tasks, etc. Right now, they are offering $10 worth of points for making two purchases through their site within the first 30 days of registering. Join MyPoints

Inbox Dollars: This is a site that allows you to make money by completing tasks, watching vidoes, etc. My favorite part of this site is that you get $5 right away by signing up through this link. Plus, they send you “Paid” emails each day that gives you money just for confirming the email (generally no further action is needed than just clicking to confirm the email). This paid email option sets this site apart from other similar sites as you can make a little money by simply checking and confirming your emails. The downside to this site is that you have to hit $30 before they will pay out.

JunoWallet: This is a new application that I have just started using. I really liked it at first because I was able to watch videos and make a little money here and there for relatively little work, but the more I’ve used the app the less videos they have given me . If you like doing tasks for money, this is a good app as they usually have quite a few tasks to complete. You can trade in your “money” for gift cards, and they have quite a nice variety of gift cards to choose from. So far I’d give this app a so-so rating. If you use my referral code RL2037968, then you will start out with a $0.25 bonus and I get a bonus too.

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