You may be trying to figure out this summer’s vacation plans still or you may have already completed this years fun-filled activities and looking to plan for next year. Either way, every weekday over the next 2 weeks, I plan to give 10 ways to have an affordable vacation. I hope you check back each day to learn a new tip in your perfect, affordable vacation. If you have found a way to have a nice, affordable vacation, please comment below or submit it in my submissions area.

Idea #1: Have a stay-cation. Okay, so I know this doesn’t sound like that much fun, but you really can turn this into a cool, affordable idea if you work at it. I know a lot of families that can’t get away due to job or money constraints and a stay-cation may be the perfect option. Plan a week or even just a few days to be on “vacation” at home. Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t get away from the stresses of life. Make a point to have all your chores done in advance like you would for any other vacation. Get your laundry done and you could even have your meals ready. Check out some freezer crock-pot recipes to get prepared in advance. Whatever you do, make sure you make it like vacation as far as making sure you don’t spend the week doing weekly chores. You wouldn’t be doing them if you went away, right? Then make a fun-filled schedule for the whole family.

Try a camping trip in the back yard or maybe have a movie and ice cream night. You could snag you a free Redbox rental code when they become available or you could Join Amazon Prime – Watch Over 40,000 Movies  for a FREE 30 day trial and make some home-made ice cream to go along with it. How awesome does that sound? If you have a park nearby, you may want to take the kids there for the day. Do you live near mountains or a lake? How about a day of hiking or swimming? Or maybe your town has shopping or historical areas that you could go explore. My whole point is to find the things your family loves to do around your own home. A lot of times we miss out on activities close to home because we are always looking to get away for vacation. Most towns and cities have a list of local activities on their website. Check it out and you may be surprised as to how much your hometown has to offer.  Just because you don’t spend a lot of money or travel hours away doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a relaxing vacation.

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