Tip #2: Take several mini-vacations

Instead of planning a long, week vacation, try taking a couple of long weekends to do stuff closer to home. By taking shorter, closer vacations, it should help on gas and other travel expenses. While short vacations can still be expensive, try to be creative and find less expensive stuff to do that you can just visit for a few days. For example, go to an amusement park for a couple of days, or if you live close to the beach, spend a night or two enjoying the sun, sand, and surf. I’ve found that sometimes the best vacations are those that aren’t too long anyways.

Not only can this be cost effective, but it can also help if you have a little one or a tight work schedule. Having a one year old, I can say that traveling 3-4 or more hours in the car can be a nightmare. So it’s actually quite helpful to only travel 20-30 minutes down the road.

Not to mention, this idea will also help spread the fun throughout the summer.

If you have found cost-effective ways to have a vacation, please submit them in a comment below or through my submissions area. Thanks!

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