I am excited to be participating with Money Saving Mom’s challenge, 4 Weeks to A More Organized Home Challenge. Money Saving Mom is offering up a free ebook for this series to help in getting your home more organized. So far, I am really enjoying this challenge and it was certainly something I was in need of. I hope you will participate as well. The challenge started yesterday, so I wanted to give an update on how I did yesterday with the Day 1 Challenge. I’ll do my best to update each day. If you decide to participate, please comment below with your progress as well.

Here lately, my home just seems to be getting out from under me. I feel like I’m working all day long to see my home look exactly the same at the end of the day. This challenge came at just the right time for me. I love the way it breaks down the steps in getting more organized by listing specific challenges each day.


Day 1:

Sit down and make a list of 5-10 goals for the week: I really thought hard on this and came up with things (whether big or small) that I am constantly avoiding. On the first day, I accomplished 2 of my 5 goals.


Clean out my purse: Honestly, I didn’t get to it, but I made sure to get it done first thing this morning. Better late than never. I have to say that I think my purse just stays disorganized. It is amazing the amount of literal trash that I found in my purse.  I think it’s the place where everyone in the family places stuff while we are out and about and then it just stays there.

Complete Your Morning Routine: I sat down and made a written list of my morning routine. I am a very scheduled person, so I already had a routine. However, I had never really written it down. Something about writing it down seems to be making me more accountable (at least so far)

Set your time for 15 minutes and clean up the main living area of your home: This is already part of my morning routine just to pick up the house, but I like that it focuses on one area each day. It has helped me to take care of the finer details in each room.

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