If you are following along the with the 4 Weeks to A More Organized Home Challenge, then here is my update for how Day #2 went for me.

Two of the big challenges for me was getting the refrigerator cleaned out and getting rid of 7 items.

  • Getting the refrigerator cleaned out: Again, for some reason I seem to be running a day behind on these “extra” challenges so I didn’t get it done until this morning. To be honest, I thought about just skipping it and then I took a look at my refrigerator. Wow! So much stuff and it needed a good wipe down. After throwing out about a fifth of the stuff in my refrigerator and cleaning it up a bit, my refrigerator looks better than it has in a long time. While it seemed so much easier to just skip this challenge, I am so happy I pushed myself to get in there and get it done (even if it was a day late).


  • Get rid of 7 items: I have been loving this part of the daily challenges. It’s amazing the amount of stuff just sitting around that needs to be thrown away or given away. So far, between day 1 and day 2, I think I counted a total of 13 items. I guess I’m one item short, but I’m still excited about my success so far. I can already see my house looking straighter just with those few items gone.


How did Day 2 go for you? Please leave your progress in the comments section below.


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