I have really been making an effort here lately to focus on and find new ways to earn some passive “income” on the side through apps & websites in order to help pay for Christmas, birthdays, baby items, household items, and more in our household. I have had some interest from other people about the ways that I am able to do this. Therefore, I decided to write up an updated list of apps/websites that I just started using to share with all of you Thriving on Thrifty readers. If you are interested in some other ones, you can check out this list that I compiled a while back. If you have any other ideas that I haven’t mentioned, please share them below.


Swagbucks: While I have known about and been signed up for Swagbucks for a couple of years, I just recently started using it earlier this year. I vary rarely ever even use the Desktop version but instead mostly use their app. I watch videos and take the daily poll and try to focus on making 50 Swagbucks per day (although I don’t always hit my goal). In 3 months, I have earned $60 in Amazon gift cards and on my way to my next gift card with very little time spent.


Perk TV: I love the PerkTV app. It is so easy to run continuous videos and earn points. I have used these points to cash in for Amazon gift cards, but there are so many other options for rewards if you are looking for something else. Since joining, I have already earned $30 in gift cards.


ExpoTV: ExpoTV allows you to review various products via video to earn rewards such as Amazon gift cards. In comparison to other sites, this one seems to give higher rewards. I’ve been using this site off and on for about 8 months and have earned roughly $80 in Amazon gift cards for 15 videos and a few surveys.


ChatAbout: With ChatAbout, you can get rewarded just for sharing your thoughts on various topics. While it doesn’t pay a whole lot, it’s always nice to get some rewards just for chatting about your favorite topics. In about a month’s time, I was able to redeem $15 in rewards via paypal and working towards another.


AppTrailers: I haven’t used this one consistently yet, but this app also rewards you to watch videos. The only issue with this one in comparison to other video apps is that it does not run continuously. Once a video stops, you have to manually start another one. With that said, I have earned a few rewards here and there and have yet to really use it consistently.


Viewpoints: This site allows you to write up reviews about your favorite products in exchange for points that can be cashed in for rewards. I have cashed in a few rewards so far. It doesn’t reward nearly as much as ExpoTV for their reviews, but they seem to have a larger selection of products to review.


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