2015-03-04 11.47.00This picture is the end to a not-so-great morning. You know the saying that says, “There’s no use in crying over spilled milk”? Well, how about spilled milk, cereal, smeared poop, and an egg? Yes, that summed up my morning.

Everything seemed to go wrong this morning. I slept terrible, so I ended up miserably laying in my bed until I had overslept. I knew I had missed my “me” time this morning as the kids would surely be awake. I scrambled to their rooms only to find both fast asleep still. I thought, “Well, maybe this morning won’t be so bad?” I made my eggs and coffee and sat down to a nice, quiet breakfast.

Next thing I know, my oldest child (almost 3) was standing at the edge of his room with no pants on. “Where are your pants?” I yell. He answered in his foreign 2-year-old language. As I near him I smell poop radiating out of his room. I look only to find his pull-ups laying on the floor and poop smeared from floor to bed. His humidifier (he’s had an ear infection and a cold) had leaked down the side of his dresser and the floor was covered in a smattering of poop and water. I wipe him down and throw him in the tub.

My 8 month old daughter is screaming from her room. I dress my 2 year old and make a bee-line for the kitchen. I fill up a cup of cereal and hand it to him. He misses the hand off and the cereal lands in the kitchen floor. I tell him to pick it up while I fill his milk cup and make my daughter’s bottle. At this point the stress is setting in. I run to my daughter’s room and dress her.

My son comes running in screaming to wipe off his pants. No idea what the liquid is on his pants I do a quick clean up with a wipe and go to the couch to give my daughter her bottle. I look at our ottoman and see a pool of milk running from my toddler’s sippy cup. I follow the trail of milk all the way back to the kitchen. My son tips the cup up only to dump milk all over himself (ahh, the mystery of the strange liquid). I yell for him to stop drinking. He obviously knows I have an attitude as he looks at me and says, “Don’t yell mommy!” Well, that’s my first eye-opener when my almost 3 year old corrects my attitude.

I come to the kitchen to make them an egg. As I go to crack the egg, the whole thing breaks open and plops in the floor. At that moment, I almost cried, but I turned around to find both of my children staring at me with a look of “What is she going to do now.” Instead of crying, I suddenly let out an uncontrollable laugh. Both of my kids smile back and start laughing too. I could have cried, but that laugh changed the whole tone of the morning. My attitude suddenly changed and we all enjoyed the rest of what was left of the morning.

That egg may have been the end to a not-so-great morning, but it was the start of a much better attitude and better day. Instead of letting it “break” my day, I let it “break” my attitude. It really reminded me that attitude really does make such a difference no matter how horrible your day seems to be going. Hey everyone, join me in a hearty laugh this morning, it may just change the direction of your day.

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