As many of you know, there are quite a few apps you can download now to coupon without the hassle of clipping paper coupons. Plus, if you already coupon, most of these you can combine with your paper coupons to get even better deals! What’s even more awesome is that you can use all of these apps together and save even more. Here are a few that I use and love:


  1. Ibotta: This one is without a doubt my favorite coupon app. They make it so simple. Simply choose the items you plan to buy and complete the given task (usually answer a short poll, read a fact, etc.) to unlock your savings. Next, purchase the given items. Finally scan the items and the receipt to claim your savings. Many times they have generic coupons to save on stuff that is difficult to find coupons for like milk, bread, etc. Plus, now they have teamwork challenges which links you up with your friends to help you earn even more with bonus options. Once you’ve reached $10 in savings, you can transfer to PayPal or other options. Click here to check it out and grab up some savings.
  2. SavingStar: I just started using this one again as I took a slight hiatus when I switched phones. This one is great too. With this one you have to link your store savings card and choose your items before shopping (there is also a new receipt option but I have yet to try it). Once you buy the items, you will receive the rebate on your account. Plus, on Fridays they have a freebie item that is FREE after your SavingStar rebate.
  3. Snap: Snap is a relatively new app from Groupon. I have earned a little over $10 so far with this app. The cashout on it is a little on the high side. It doesn’t allow you to cash out until a $20 threshold has been met. They have some high value, popular coupons available, but they tend to go really fast. Give Snap a try and let me know what you think.
  4. Checkout 51: I used to use this app quite a bit, but again I just started up again after switching phones. Again, this one has quite a high transfer balance with a threshold of $20. I’ve noticed one new offer they have started is a “Pick Your Own Offer” which allows you to have a choice between several offers to suit your needs. Check out Checkout51 here.

Also, checkout this post here on how you can earn rewards simply by scanning receipts.

Please comment below to let me know any other money-saving apps that you use.

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